SuperHandy Adult Tricycle Electric Bike EcoRide 3 Modes, Adaptive Torque Pedal Assist, 250W Motor, (2) Lithium Batteries, 330LB Capacity, Large Storage Basket, LED Headlight, Air Pump+Lock Included



  • RIDE YOUR WAY: Whether you’re up for a workout with the Exercise mode, want a little boost with Pedal-assisted mode, or fancy a hands-off approach in Battery mode, this bike’s got the perfect setting for every mood!
  • PACKED WITH POWER & VERSATILITY: Featuring a robust 250W brushless motor, the SuperHandy Etricycle ensures silky-smooth rides. Equipped with two 48V-2Ah batteries, you can expect a base range of 12.3 miles under full load. Lighter adventures? Venture up to 40 miles on battery power alone! Plus, pedal assist can push your journeys even further. Bonus: these batteries are compatible across our SuperHandy product family. Upgrade possibilities? Think 4Ah batteries for extended adventures!
  • STEADY AS YOU GO: With its 3-wheel design, our bike promises stability, holding up to 330LBS. It’s a great fit for seniors or those new to the biking scene, giving everyone the confidence to ride with ease!
  • ZOOM AROUND: Feel the breeze as you reach up to 7.5mph in Battery mode or kick it up a notch to 9.3mph in Pedal-assisted mode. Whatever your pace, we’ve got the speed for you!
  • ALL THE EXTRAS: From its roomy 2.3 cubic feet rear basket (hello, grocery runs!) to the guiding LED headlight, friendly electric bell, and super handy LCD display that keeps tabs on battery, speed, and ride modes, our bike’s got all the bells and whistles to make your ride a breeze!
  • LOCK & PUMP INCLUDED: To top it all off, your new bike comes ready with its own bike lock and tire pump. That means you can hit the road safely and stay ready for anything, all without the extra shopping trip!