Solar Micro Inverter, Waterproof Wvc-1200W Grid Tie Mppt Pure Sine Wave Dc to Ac Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Solar & Wind Power Inverters



  • 【Solar Micro Inverter】: The inverter has built-in high-precision maximum power point tracking, which can optimize the power collection from the solar panel, accurately capture and lock the maximum output power point, and greatly increase power generation to more than 25%. In addition, the efficient power reverse transmission technology can transmit the power that can not be used up to the grid in the reverse direction to other places for use, and the power transmission rate can reach 99.9%.
  • 【Digital Control】: The inverter adopts intelligent soft switching technology, high-frequency switching power supply technology, and 32-bit DSP full digital SPWM control technology, making the product strong anti-interference ability, fast operation speed, high intelligence, and a powerful functional system, which can meet the needs of users.
  • 【Safety】: The inverter has six protection functions: over-temperature protection, under-voltage alarm, under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, etc. Besides, the IP65 waterproof design can prevent rain from eroding its surface, so you can use it with confidence.
  • 【Flexible Installation Mode】: During installation, you can stack multiple inverters at will, form a single-phase parallel stacking system, or conveniently form a three-phase system to provide a three-phase AC.
  • 【Min/Max Start-up Voltage】: 22-50VDC,Maximum DC Short Circuit Current: 80A,Maximum Input Operating Current: 54.4A,Peak Power Output: 1200watt,Rated Output Power: 1150watt,Rated Output Current: 9.58A