Electric Weed Eater, Foldable Cordless Weed Wacker Battery Powered, 3-in-1 Lightweight String Trimmer/Edger Lawn Tool/Brush Cutter with Adjustable Length & 3 Types Blades, for Garden and Yard




Color: Green


  • 🌱【3 in 1 Cordless Weed Eater】The new upgraded 3-in-1 grass trimmer/edger lawn tool/mini-mower is equipped with three different cutting tools and easy to assemble,you could quickly change the appropriate blade based on your needs. Whether it is a bush/tough old grass or browse that can be easily taken care of, making gardening tasks much simpler.Please contact us with any questions, whether it is about batteries, accessories or other issues, we will provide you with suitable solution.
  • 🌾【Continue Working for 2 Hours】The weed trimmer have two new upgraded 21V rechargeable batteries (could working last for two hours) , a 19000 rpm high-performance motor, and an 5.9-inch weeding range, which making weeding more effective and quick. At the same time, our weed whacker‘s batteries have UCP (Ultimate Circuit Protection), the weedeater will stop working to protect the motor if you unintentionally cut into heavy objects like rocksent.
  • 🌷【90° Adjustable Cutting Head and Shank】The electric weed eater’s cutting head can be adjusted to 5 different angles (0°/22.5°/45°/67.5°/90°), and the cutting head can be rotated 90° clockwise to make it be a side trimmer, that enabling you to effortlessly take care of every corner and crevice.
  • 🌹【Foldable and Length-Adjustable】The battery weed eater weights only 4.4 pounds and is suitable for both women and the elderly. Our lawn edger’s length can be adjusted (the longest length is 52.3 inches) to accommodate a variety of user groups.In addition,we have a sliding support wheel that is simple to use with one hand, which making mowing work safer and comfortable.The foldable design makes storage easier, whether at home or in the car, and takes up less room.
  • 🌻【Package Contains】The trimmer edger lawn tool set include: 1 * weed wacker, 2 * battery packs, 1 * charger, 1* Roller, 2 * saw blades, 4 * metal blades, 5 * plastic blades, 1*Instruction manual, 1* tool kit, 1 pair of gloves and 1*Goggles. If you have any questions about the product, pls contact us through Amazon.

Package Dimensions: 168x590x3139

Details: Product Description:
In 2023, we bring you this new upgraded string trimmer to make your mowing job easier and more efficient. Summer is coming, we think you must need to take care of your garden and lawn, this job is not easy, so we bring you this electric edger lawn tool, it is lightweight, pure electric and versatile. We hope our upgraded weed wacker battery powered can help you to reduce a little burden and bring a more comfortable experience.
🍅1. Electric weed eater, no need to worry about tripping over the line or the line is not long enough during weeding, electric working mode is faster and more efficient.
🌽2. The cordless edger’s battery can be recharged, while for ease of use we are equipped with the corresponding charger, two batteries can continue to work 2H, so that your mowing work more smoothly.
🥦3. The new battery of the lawn trimmer cordless has battery voltage protection and overheating protection technology, which will automatically stop working when the motor overheats, avoiding burning the motor due to high voltage when working with rocks or dense branches, making the weed eater’s service life longer.
🍋4. The weed eater is light weight, adjustable length and foldable, even the elderly and women can easily use, adjustable length can be adjusted at any time according to the work requirements, foldable design is convenient for carrying and storage
🍌5. 3-in-1 string trimmer is multi-purpose, we are equipped with three different blades so that you can change according to different applicable scenarios, whether it is for bushes/old grass or browse can be easily handled.
Product Information:
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Maximum Length: 52.3 inches
Features: 90° adjustable head (five adjustment angles), adjustable length, foldable
Product Includes:
1 * Weed wacker,
1 * Charger
1* Roller
1* Instruction manual
1 * Tool kit
1 pair of gloves
1 * Goggles
2 * Battery packs
2 * Saw blades
4 * Metal blades
5 * Plastic blades
1.Please charge the battery fully before use for the first time (press the battery switch to check the power)
2.When the battery is not used for a long time, it needs to be recharged once every 3 months to maintain the life of the battery;
3.When the battery runs out, please charge it timely to ensure normal use next time;
4.When charging, the charger indicator will turn red, and when fully charged the indicator will turn green.

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