DIY Small Wind Turbine Generator Kit | Backyard Decoration,Wind Power and Light Strip | Rainbow Power Generating Windmill,35" Height 18.1" Diameter



  • Assemble this small wind-mill generator with your kids and fix it in an open space, making wind power practical in your yard. Your kids will watch the strip lit up on every windy night, which is fun.The stronger the wind, the brighter the light strip.
  • Most of its parts are DIY by myself, so there will be some imperfections more or less. It can able to withstand super strong winds.It can be fixed to your railings, higher places, or other open areas with the complimentary flange and 4 screws.The strip lights up against the wind, no battery or external power supply is needed.
  • The use of brushless motor makes the windmill rather durable. The blades are made of anti-aging materials of ASA/PC. Its physical strength and color change little after 5 years of outdoor use.
  • It is rain-proof and age-resistant, and can be used outdoors for a long time. Further, it is noise-free. A wind blowing from any direction can be used efficiently as the tail vane enables the blades adapt themselves to different directions.
  • It comes with assembly instructions for easy assembly. It needs to be installed in an open area for better performance. And it won’t work well if blocked by house or walls around.