BOIDA LED Reflective Band 1pcs - High Visibility Gear for Running,Bike, Camping, Walking & Cycling | USB Rechargeable | Safer Than a Reflective Vest | Orange



  • [Best safety product] Under the slogan “Your Safety First” BUBO wants to make sure our customers return home safely through our products and live a happy life with family, friends, and colleagues. Our Visual Signal LED Light band’s sole focus is to create a safe environment in which it lessens accidents related to dark places. Whether you’re a motorcycle driver, industrial worker, or even when you’re on your daily jog.
  • [Conquer dark roads] When you’re driving a motorcycle, dark roads are more prone to accidents. But the good news you can lessen the risk of this new product! May I present to you your new road trip best friend: The LED band. Our LED band is ‘Visual Signal Light’ which can help prevent accidents by showing exactly where you are and make you stand out more. Always be on-the-go with these lend bands and you can now drive with utmost confidence.
  • [High-end materials] The OmniCube full Cube Micropractic Retro-reflective Film from Avery Denison in the U.S. and the LED & Tube Optic Technology from BUBO can help your safety by constantly recognizing your location to the other party with strong luminance. The retro-reflective film constantly recognizes your location by reflecting the car’s headlights or ambient light even when power is off.
  • [Excellent technology] Worried about its lifespan? Hear this out! It’s not a typical product that gets darker as you use it, but it uses LED Booster technology to keep the brightness steady from beginning to end and inform you when it’s time to charge. Also, it is USB rechargeable, so you can always be armed and ready!
  • [Made in korea] All Visual Signal LED Light bands are manufactured 100% in Korea and have passed NRTL, FCC, CE, Rohs certification. These can be charged with the enclosed 5Pin cable and can be used for a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 22 hours in various modes, including solids, flash, sparks. Further details can be found in the product documentation. This new product in the market is so solid and way too promising!