BASE CAMP SF-999 Smart Bluetooth Bike Helmet with Speakers Microphone| Rear LED Lights with Smart Turn Signals | FR Fit System | Urban Adult Bicycle Helmets for Cycling,Skateboard,E-Bike,Scooter



  • Smart Lighting/Smart Audio/Smart Protection
  • 【SMART TURN LIGHTING】Remote handlebar-activated turn signals to let traffic around you know which direction you’re turning. This helmet also packed with integrated rechargeable rear lights for substantially increased visibility to make you more confident during the night ride.
  • 【BLUETOOTH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY】By pairing your smartphone to the SF-999, allowing riders to keep their hands free to brake and adjust direction for safety when answering calls or listening to music. Doesn’t block out the ambient sound on the roadwith the built-in speakers to add safety.
  • 【WINDPROOF NOISE CONTROL】Equipped with the built-in windproof microphone located on the helmet’s brim, this smart bike helmet enables you to transmit your voice clearly to others.
  • 【REDEFINING THE FUTURE OF FIT】Release compression by pulling up the dials. Upgraded SF-999 Fit System off dial into a fast, effortless, precision fit.
  • 【WIND TUNNEL VENTILATION】SF-999 Smart Helmets are developed utilizing our proprietary Wind ventilation system. This elaborate design combines active vents in the helmet’s shell with exhaust channels inside the helmet that thrust fresh, cool air over and around the rider’s head while forcing heat and stale air out. It’s the most effective cooling system available, and a difference you can feel every time you ride.