E-Bike/Li-ion Battery; Quick Tips

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  • The Lightness and compactness of Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) make them the preference of most E-bike manufactures.
  • Li-ion batteries are capable of 300-1,200 charging cycles, with a 3–7-year life span, dependent upon usage and care.
  •  E-Bikes w/ Li-ion batteries are rated in wattage; determined by the voltage and amperage of the battery.
  • Volts = Speed/Acceleration/Faster.
  • Amps = Range, amp hours measure the amount of charge in a battery,
  • Watts = The amount of energy in a battery, a simpler way to compare batteries with different voltages.
  • To convert amp hours to watt hours, multiply the amp hours by the voltage of the battery.
  • Higher Voltage E-bikes are faster, higher Amps use thicker wires and larger more powerful battery packs.
  • Batteries range from 300–900-watt hours.
  • Li-ion batteries will not completely fail but will lose their ability to hold a charge.
  • Follow these steps to optimize the life of your Li-ion battery:
    • Store in dry moderate temps.  (Not extreme +/-)  w/ a 60-80% charge.
    • Never over charge, charging times vary, 4-6 hours.
    • Do not completely exhaust the battery, don’t “run it dead”.
    • Deplete the battery to 50% or less prior to recharging.
    • Allow the battery to “cool down” (reversing the direction of power) prior to recharging.
    • Charge to 75-80% / 60 volts max, 43 volts or less means the battery is depleted.
    • Monitor battery with voltmeter not the less accurate “energy bar” or power level indicator.