Cordless Tool Problems?

Common problems with cordless rotary tools: No power – This can be caused by weak batteries or a poor battery connection on your cordless tool. Sparks coming from contact points – This occurs when there is an issue with the electrical wiring or circuitry within the tool itself or with its battery pack connection. Erratic speeds […]

E-Bike/Li-ion Battery; Quick Tips

The Lightness and compactness of Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) make them the preference of most E-bike manufactures. Li-ion batteries are capable of 300-1,200 charging cycles, with a 3–7-year life span, dependent upon usage and care.  E-Bikes w/ Li-ion batteries are rated in wattage; determined by the voltage and amperage of the battery. Volts = Speed/Acceleration/Faster. Amps […]